Lilangeni (singular) or Emalangeni (plural) and cents is the currency of eSwatini. It is of equal value to the South African Rands and cents and both currencies are in circulation. There is no currency control at border posts and no limit to the amount of currency a traveler may carry. All internationally accepted credit cards and travellers cheques are honoured in eSwatini. 

Electric current is supplied at 220 volts AC 50Hz nd 15 amp round-pin wall sockets are used.

Only when arriving from a yellow fever infected area is a vaccination required. Although malaria has been largely eradicated, precautions are recommended in certain lowveld areas. 


Siswati and English are the official languages; English is the medium of instruction in all schools and is widely understood. Proceedings and debates in Parliament are conducted in both languages. 


Local Time

eSwatini is at GMT + 2 hours.


Visa Requirements

Passports and Visas All visitors require valid passports and travel documents.


** Photography 

Photographing the Royal Palace, the Royal Family, uniformed police, army personnel, their vehicles or aircraft is prohibited in eSwatini. Traditional ceremonies may be photographed with permission from the Government Information Service, PO Box 451, Mbabane. If visitors wish to photograph a homestead or an individual, they should ask permission. A small gratuity may be expected in exchange for permission to take photos.